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Journal of Biomedical and Translational Research. Vol. 21, No. 4, 2020

Original Article
Molecular factors related to skeletal muscle atrophy in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
J Biomed Transl Res 2020;21(4):143-151.
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Reference gene selection for gene expression study in tissues of long-tailed chickens
J Biomed Transl Res 2020;21(4):152-164.
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Rotigotine protects dopaminergic neurons through dopamine D2 receptor against 6-hydroxydopamine
J Biomed Transl Res 2020;21(4):165-170.
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Protective effect of stevia plant extract against experimental colon carcinogenesis in mice
J Biomed Transl Res 2020;21(4):171-176.
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Effect of ascorbic acid and hemin on experimental colon carcinogenesis in mice
J Biomed Transl Res 2020;21(4):177-183.
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Effects of microcystin on the motility of planarians
J Biomed Transl Res 2020;21(4):184-189.
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Review Article
Coronavirus disease 2019 as a systemic disease: a review
J Biomed Transl Res 2020;21(4):190-199.
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Case Report
Massive human Q fever outbreak from a goat farm in Korea
J Biomed Transl Res 2020;21(4):200-206.
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