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Disclosure of Conflict of Interest


Journal of Biomedical and Translational Research (J Biomed Transl Res) requires that a corresponding author sign a declaration of conflicting interests on behalf of all authors. If you have nothing to declare in any of these cases, then this should be mentioned.

Conflict of Interest and Source of Funding

A conflict of interest exists when an author or the author’s institution has a financial or other relationship with other people or organizations that may inappropriately influence the author’s actions. All submissions to J Biomed Transl Res must include disclosure of all relationships that could be viewed as presenting a potential conflict of interest. J Biomed Transl Res may use such information as a basis for editorial decisions and may publish such disclosures if they are believed to be important to readers in judging the article.

Conflict of Interest Statement for Authors

A corresponding author on behalf of all authors must disclose any financial, personal, or their relationships with other people or organizations within 3 years of beginning the work submitted that could inappropriately influence the work submitted. Examples of conflicts include employment, consultancies, stock ownership, honoraria, paid expert testimony, patent applications/registrations, and grants. If there are no conflicts of interest, authors should state that there are none in the box below.

Please state any conflict of interests: