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Journal of Biomedical Translational Research. Vol. 18, No. 3, 2017

Original Article
Prognostic role of NT-proBNP (N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide) in patients with non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction: analysis based on propensity score matching and weighting
J Biomed Transl Res 2017;18(3):67-74.
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Keyword network analysis in stem cell research area
J Biomed Transl Res 2017;18(3):75-83.
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Antimicrobial resistance of Stx2e positive Escherichia coli before and after ban on antibiotic growth promoters
J Biomed Transl Res 2017;18(3):84-92.
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Gait analysis in clinically healthy small to toy breed dogs using a pressure plate
J Biomed Transl Res 2017;18(3):93-96.
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Variation in repeated measurements of transepidermal water loss, skin hydration, and sebum level in normal beagle dogs
J Biomed Transl Res 2017;18(3):97-101.
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Enrichment media for Stx2e production in Shigatoxin-producing Escherichia coli
J Biomed Transl Res 2017;18(3):103-107.
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Effect of P. ginseng on the expression of c-Fos in the brain of Wistar rats with testosterone induced benign prostatic hyperplasia
J Biomed Transl Res 2017;18(3):108-112.
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Adverse effects of farnesyltransferase inhibitors on insulin actions
J Biomed Transl Res 2017;18(3):113-117.
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Case report
Effective treatment of eosinophilic granuloma in a cat using tacrolimus with prednisolone
J Biomed Transl Res 2017;18(3):118-120.
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Short communication
Inhibition of Helicobacter pylori-induced inflammation in human gastric epithelial AGS cells by the fruits of Tribulus terrestris L. extracts
J Biomed Transl Res 2017;18(3):121-124.
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