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Journal of Biomedical Translational Research. Vol. 18, No. 4, 2017

Original Article
Fluorescence bioimaging analysis of collagen antibody-induced arthritis in male mice
J Biomed Transl Res 2017;18(4):125-129.
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Reactive oxygen species (ROS) induces distinct gene expression in human fibroblast like synoviocytes (HFLS)
J Biomed Transl Res 2017;18(4):130-135.
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Effect of iron overload with ascorbic acid on experimental colon carcinogenesis in mice
J Biomed Transl Res 2017;18(4):136-141.
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Relationship between the Pre-ECT Bispectral Index and seizure duration in electroconvulsive therapy under propofol anesthesia
J Biomed Transl Res 2017;18(4):142-145.
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Loss of endogenous estrogen increases cardiac toxicity by doxorubicin
J Biomed Transl Res 2017;18(4):146-150.
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Current status of genomic prediction using Multi-omics data in livestock
J Biomed Transl Res 2017;18(4):151-156.
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