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Journal of Biomedical Translational Research. Vol. 24, No. 4, 2023

Original Article
Loss of progesterone receptor membrane component 1 decreases hepatic hepcidin levels in animal model
J Biomed Transl Res 2023;24(4):117-126.
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Osteological analysis of Cervidae relics excavated from the Gasan-Ri archaeological site in Jinju
J Biomed Transl Res 2023;24(4):127-137.
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Effect of glucagon-like peptide 1 on salivary gland hypofunction in diabetic db/db mice
J Biomed Transl Res 2023;24(4):139-150.
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Thromboelastographic evaluation in dogs with hyperadrenocorticism
J Biomed Transl Res 2023;24(4):151-161.
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